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Posted on: August 4, 2010 10:26 am
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8/4 - Lazy Joe vacation Caption Challenge - Day 3

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Ballpark Roadtrip: Chase Field

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August scoreboard

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Posted on: June 2, 2010 12:27 pm
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Tillman is one special inductee......

When I saw that the 2010 class that will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame had been released, I immediatly checked to see who was on the list. I had been waiting for a while for my beloved Wisconsin Badger coach Barry Alvarez to finally get his name on the wall. Well, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw his name on the list. "Finally...", I thought. But then my attention was drawn to another name a little bit farther down the list that I believe is absolutely fitting, Pat Tillman will be joining Alvarez in the Hall.

I just wish that Pat were around to acknowledge the moment. Although I believe, knowing what he gave up in life, he wouldn't be comfortable in the spotlight. He would probably take the plaque or trophy or whatever they give these guys, and just say "Thanks." and walk off the stage.

The timing of the Hall of Fame announcement - on the eve of Memorial Day weekend - can be viewed as a tribute of sorts to Tillman, who starred as a linebacker at Arizona State and a safety in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals before dying in service to his country in 2004. There are very few sports people I consider to be heroes. Pat Tillman was one of them.

Too many of us choose the well-worn path in life. We stay between the lines. We keep to ourselves. We carefully filter our thoughts and efforts lest we risk too much. The easy way out is always so tempting. Tillman didn't live that way. He listened to the voices of conviction. He gave up the life of a multi-millionaire celebrity to become a U.S. Army Ranger and accept multiple combat tours. Given a chance to cut his military commitment short in order to return to a lucrative NFL contract, he refused because of the compromise involved. The decision ultimatly cost him his life in Afghanistan, where he was killed by friendly fire six April's ago.

Most admirably is that Tillman resisted all attempts to publicize his sacrifices. Sadly, we've learned more about him in death - enlightening, but heartbreaking books by his mother, Mary, and respected author/journalist Jon Krakauer - than during a life cut far too short at 27 years. 

His family created the Pat Tillman Foundation in his honor, a film about his life is scheduled to be released this summer, his uniform numbers (#42 at ASU and #40 with the Cardinals) have both been retired by those teams, the plaza surrounding the University of Phoenix Stadium has been named for Tillman and a bronze statue of him stands in the middle, the PAC-10 conference player of the year award (given to Tillman in 1997) has been re-named in his honor, and the 1st USO center in Afghanistan (built with a $250,000 donation from the NFL) was established in 2005 and named for Tillman. 

Like I said before, Tillman doesn't strike me a a guy who be at all impressed with his induction into the College Football HOF. Humility and worthiness don't usually go hand in hand. But of all the newest inductees, Pat Tillman is the most deserving. Not because of what he did, but because of how he lived: selfless, genuine, and courageous.

I just wish that Tillman were here for the acceptance speech. Rest in peace, my friend.
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1/20/10 - Lazy Joe's 'Computer Problem' Contest

Since Joe is having computer problem's today, I'll cover for him. Don't forget about the theme AND challenge points!! Anyways, go to it!! If Joe want's to judge these and include them in his points then I'm ok with that. Otherwise, I'll include them in my points. Joe?

Challenge Point: Best theme about viruses or STD's you think BuccinGator acquired when he was a pubescent teen (How'd I do Gator?)

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November winner: River_Rat
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Enough is Enough people!!!

I travel around this great website everyday and I see some great blogs and threads about some topics that need to be touched on all the time. But nowadays, it seems that everybody who is a Packer fan and their brother is posting about the supposed bad officiating in the Green Bay/Arizona playoff game last Sunday night. Man, I am almost embarrassed to say that I am a Packer fan after reading some of that pathetic drivel some people are posting. And at the risk of somebody saying that same thing about me, I just have to say this.....

....There is absolutely no way that anybody can know that the 2 "no-calls" in overtime would have changed the outcome of the game. Plain and simple. I will, however, give you this...

- The helmet-to-helmet was a call that should have been called. No question. That was completely missed.

- There was a facemask on the last play. No question. But it occured AFTER the fumble and BEFORE the recovery. I'm not an official so I don't know what the exact ruling should be. But it either should have been Packer ball plus 15 yards because there was a facemask on the play. Or it should have been Arizona ball minus 15 yards because the fumble occured before the facemask. Either way, the game is still tied and nobody knows what would have happened after that.

Now, you may not agree with me on this, or you might, that's totally up to you. But please, stop saying that the game was lost because of the officials. Those that are saying that are reaching blindly for an excuse. People are only remembering this because it was the last play of the game. Is everybody forgetting that on the 1st play of the game Rodgers threw a poor pass that was intercepted and resulted in a TD for AZ? What about Driver's fumble 3 plays later that allowed AZ 7 more points? What about our poor excuse for a defense allowing 51 points and 500+ yards? What about Rodgers over shooting Jennings on the 1st play in overtime? If Rodgers hits that pass, that would have been game changing. All of these things combined caused us to lose the game. And maybe, just maybe, getting those penalties called in our favor would have been game changing, but nobody will ever know. So stop pretending that you do.

Of course, I do wish the game would have ended with us atop the leaderboard and I probably wouldn't be writing this blog if we had won. But since it didn't happen that way we, as Packer fans, need to take Aaron Rodgers approach. He is not even talking about the "no-calls". He is pointing the finger at himself. He knows he could have done a little better. The defense certainly should be doing the same thing, if they aren't already. Game over.

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