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3/23 - Completely random and unexplained thoughts

Did you know that in Wisconsin it is illegal to camp along the highway in a wagon?

Oh man!!

There goes my weekend plans.

I was hoping to bust out the brand new Radio Flyer, take the wife and the kids out to I90, set up the campfire, roast some marshmellows and sing Kumbaya all night long.

Nothing says camping like semi's whizzing past you, 10 feet away, at 80mph. 

Now I need to find something else to do. 

Stupid Wisconsin.

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12/30/09 - Lazy Joe's 'Vacation' Caption Contest

Go to it boys (and girls, if that's the case). I included a 6th picture again for your enjoyment. Don't forget about the Challenge Point!!

Challenge Point: Best theme about kmvenne crying in his Cheerio's after the Hurricanes lost to the Badgers in the Champ Sports Bowl last night...yeeee haaawwww!!

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

Picture #6

December scoreboard:

1) River_Rat - 8
2) D2Moo - 6
3) Mister Peabody - 5
4) DrDallas - 3
4) kmvenne - 3
5) Shuless Joe - 2
6) Hookem070806 - 1
6) PheasentPlucker - 1
6) BuccinGator - 1
6) Hoosier Mick - 1
6) RealityBall - 1
6) Green Street El(ite) - 1
6) swiftswings88 - 1
6) magicandbird - 1
6) hoopsisbest - 1

November champ: River_Rat
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In Wisconsin, cardinal and white is the law

Growing up in southern Wisconsin, the youngest son of a single mother, didn't provide much in the way sports. Oh sure, I knew who the Packers were, who the Brewers were, who the Bucks were, and who the Badgers were. But like I said, I lived with my single mother and along with my older brother, we didn't have much in the way of money. But my mom sure tried her hardest with what little we had. She was a great mother and I love her for it.

Every now and then she would scrape up enough money to take me and my brother to a UW-Madison Badger football game. Back in the early '80's our team pretty much was at the bottom of the Big 10 every year so tickets weren't hard to come by. But nevertheless, people went and we all had fun cheering on our losing team. We didn't have the greatest seats but I was there, at Camp Randall Stadium. As I think back, that is where I got my start as a sports fan. Just watching Randy Wright throw to Al Toon was a thrill in itself. Thank you mom.

Now, on January 4th 1985 my whole life changed. My mother married a great man, my stepdad. I mean, he is an awesome guy. In order to save you a very long story, I'll just say that I am a better person because of my stepdad. I was on a road to making my life a living hell and everyone around me, their life a living hell. He set me on the straight and narrow and I now hold a steady job and have a great wife and 2 fantastic kids. But anyways that's not the reason for this blog.

The first time I met him, not even 2 hours after my mom introduced me, he asked me if I was a football fan. Of course, I said yes. Then he asked me if ever wanted to go to a game with him, and again, I said yes. So that next saturday, my brother and I went toodling along with this guy we only met a few days before. But when we got there, even though I had been there before, it just seemed like a whole different place. Somehow, I believe, I knew this guy would someday be my dad. I completely fell in love with this guy on that day. I knew that my mom had to marry him. I believe that I was having my very first father/son moment with him on that day.

He taught my brother and I all about the game and all the various rules there were, what penelties were, and how each team could score. He bought us hot dogs, nachos, soda, and those gigantic soft pretzels that I loved and still love to this day. I have no idea who we were playing or if we won or lost, but that tedious information didn't matter. I was there and I was having the time of my life. When the game was over I almost cried because I didn't want it to be over. I wanted this moment to last forever. He looked down at me and asked what was the matter. And I told him that I had too much fun that day and wanted it to last forever. That's when he said the 6 words that will be jammed into my brain forever and the 6 words that made me the biggest Wisconsin Badger fan in the state. He told me "Don't worry, I have season tickets." I looked up at him with a very confused look. "Season tickets? What are those?" I mean was this guy so cool that he could control the weather? He then explained that he had 8 tickets to every single home game that that Badgers played. And in that instant, that tiny little nanosecond, I think I was the happiest 8-year old boy on the planet. I couldn't contain myself and ran around jumping and screaming as loud as I could!!! He just laughed at me and he was very happy that I was so happy. "You mean I can go whenever I want??" All he had to say "Yup." and I was in heaven. I loved this guy.

So now here I am 27 years later and still living in southern Wisconsin and still a huge Badger fan. I still am able to go to the games with my dad but now I have alot of fun taking my 8-year old son and teaching him about the game like my stepdad did back then. But since that day in 1985 when my mom married this great man, I became a sports fan.

A few months after their wedding, this great guy did one more spectacular thing for me and my brother, he adopted us. So now, instead of calling him the man my mom married or calling him my stepdad, we have the great undulation of calling him...Dad. Thank you dad. Thank you for everything you have done for us. And thank you dad, for keeping sports alive for so long in my heart. I love you dad. 

I could make this blog longer talking about the first time he took me to Lambeau, but that's a whole different ballgame, as they say.

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